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Deep roots of Australia’s geology revealed

Deep roots of Australia's geology revealed
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A brand new examine has proven for the primary time how Australia’s wealthy geological historical past is mirrored deep beneath the Earth’s floor.

Author of the examine, Dr. Caroline Eakin from The Australian National University (ANU), mentioned the Australian land mass is made up of various constructing blocks that fused collectively over 1.3 billion years in the past.

“Australia is an old, stable continent,” Dr. Eakin mentioned.

“Australia’s different building blocks are reflected on the Earth’s surface, but it’s been unclear to what depth these geological differences would be reflected below the Earth’s crust.”

Dr. Eakin used observations of scattered floor waves—often called Quasi-Love waves—created by distant earthquakes to check Australia’s geological make-up.

“These Quasi-Love waves show boundaries deep within and surrounding the Australian continent that correspond to the same tectonic boundaries seen at the surface,” Dr. Eakin mentioned.

“This suggests these kinds of geological features are preserved for billions of years.”

According to Dr. Eakin this new details about what’s taking place 100–200 kilometers beneath the Earth’s floor signifies the deeper a part of our continent is simply as geologically numerous because the crust.

It is probably the most detailed evaluation of this type of information in Australia so far, considering over 2000 earthquake recordings made at seismometers throughout the Australian continent.

The examine has been revealed in Communications Earth & Environment.

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More info:
Caroline M. Eakin, Quasi-Love wave scattering reveals tectonic historical past of Australia and its margins mirrored by mantle anisotropy, Communications Earth & Environment (2021). DOI: 10.1038/s43247-021-00276-7

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Australian National University

Deep roots of Australia’s geology revealed (2021, October 8)
retrieved 9 October 2021

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