Researchers call for global survey on sexual behavior Business

In our country, this study is performed by researchers of the Laboratory of Behavioral Medicine of the Institute of Neurosciences of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences – clinical practitioners.

The peculiarities and problems of sexual behavior will be studied by 45 countries together

“Sexuality and sexual behavior is an area of ​​science where we have surprisingly little data,” says Dr. Julius Burkauskas, Clinical Psychologist, Institute of Neuroscience, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU), Expert of the Digital Ethics Center, researching problematic Internet use (PIN). – There is also a worldwide lack of research addressing specific areas of PIN, such as pornography and online gambling, which is covered by this study. That’s why, together with fellow scientists from countries such as Germany, France, Japan, the United States, Pakistan, Canada, Poland, India, Brazil and others, we are launching a study that we hope will involve more than 80,000 people from around the world. ”

One of the initiators of the study, Hungarian and Canadian psychologists, said recent research on sexual behavior was deservedly criticized for being mostly educated Westerners from a democratic, industrialized, affluent environment, and the results did not reflect the global situation. And even studies in smaller countries or with the participation of minorities would make it difficult to compare results due to differences in methods and measurement tools.

An innovative study is an opportunity for a participant to become acquainted with various aspects of sexuality

“This study is special not only in its scope: researchers have developed a common questionnaire for all countries, which is available in 24 languages, and the people who fill it in represent a wide range of cultures, which may have their own challenges in dealing with such sensitive (intimate) topics. Therefore, the research is truly unique and innovative, ”says a psychiatrist, a researcher at the Behavioral Medicine Laboratory of the Institute of Neuroscience, LSMU, prof. dr. Vesta Steiblienė.

The study covers questions about a person’s sexual desire, sexuality, sexual behavior, his or her nature, attitudes, motivation, pornography viewing habits, and other sensitive topics related to sexual life (e.g., sexual abuse experienced). Persons over the age of 18 can answer the questions in the questionnaire. If unacceptable or unpleasant feelings are discovered, they can be skipped.

“I invite the residents of Lithuania to appoint approximately 25-40 minutes. its time and sincere answer to the questions of this confidential survey, it is an opportunity to get acquainted with various aspects of sexuality and sexual life, – says J. Burkauskas. “Perhaps this questionnaire will encourage some people to better understand their sexual needs and discuss this with their partner.”

Participate in the survey by clicking this link.

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