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Mizkif claims Amouranth’s fifth Twitch ban may very well be her final

Following her fifth ban from the platform, Mizkif claimed that it may very well be the final time we see Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa’s on Twitch because it seems prefer it’s going to be a everlasting suspension, 

On October 8, controversial Twitch streamer Amouranth had, as soon as once more, been handed a ban from the platform, making it the fifth time she’s been suspended.

As of writing, the explanation for her newest ban has not been revealed, however her channel hasn’t had its accomplice standing revoked, which suggests she’s been banished for good.

However, as her viewers desires to see the Canadian return, Mizkif has mentioned it’s unlikely she does as she was supposedly on skinny ice after being banned in the summertime.

As typical, the explanation behind her ban isn’t public, which has solely led to elevated hypothesis from followers and fellow content material creators.

In the case of Mizkif, who has streamed with Amouranth beforehand, he touched on the scenario throughout his October 8 stream as his chat was stuffed with theories, and prompt she could also be gone for good.

“Did you guys see Amouranth got banned? That’s kinda weird,” the streamer mentioned. “Well, not weird, it was pretty f**king obvious that sh*t was going to happen. But you know what’s crazy about it? I think that’s her last ban. I talked to her about it, and I remember when we streamed a few months ago, she told me her partner manager said that it’s one more strike and she’s done.”

Why was Amouranth banned?

Usually, streamers are notified as to why they’re banned in an e mail. In Amouranth’s case, she supposedly has no clue what’s occurring.

Another streamer NymN requested why she was banned, to which Amouranth responded: “If you find out please let me know.”

While she may simply be joking and taking part in as much as the hypothesis, we’ve got seen different streamers not alerted to the explanation behind their ban earlier than.

As Mizkif may very well be thought-about a good friend of Amouranth, it gives a little bit of credibility together with his claims, which is backed up with a supposed lack of response by Twitch. Though, we’ll have to attend and see what occurs.

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