Thousand of beetles invade Argentine city of Santa Isabel

A small city in Argentina has shut down avenue and public constructing lights after being invaded by numerous beetles.

Thousands of “cascarudos”, as they’re identified in Argentina, have taken over parks and gardens within the city of Santa Isabel, within the central province of La Pampa.

They have additionally been discovered within the roofs of homes, the place they conceal in darkish holes and areas throughout the day.

Biologists say that uncommon heavy rains for this time of the season mixed with excessive temperatures made the bugs reproduce in excessive numbers.

“We had more rainfall, therefore more humidity, and this, together with the heat we are experiencing, created a favourable climate for the development of these little animals,” Santa Isabel deputy mayor Cristian Echegara mentioned.

Mr Echegaray instructed the AP  the city determined to close down avenue and public constructing lights for the previous three days to let the guests “go away and find another town”.

The blackout has been efficient, and the variety of beetles has decreased dramatically.


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