Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man from No Way Home leaked by Marvel’s personal promo

Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have returned to their Peter Parker/Spider-Man roles for No Way Home. That’s the most important spoiler in Marvel’s MCU historical past, a secret that leaked time and again this yr. We have seen loads of plausible leaks to date, however Sony and Marvel are nonetheless making an attempt to disclaim every little thing. Their present technique with advertising supplies is to solely concentrate on Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and the enduring Spider-Man villains he’ll face. But it seems that the film’s advertising marketing campaign might need made one other mistake, giving us an official have a look at what seems to be Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man.

We’ll warn you that spoilers comply with beneath, however you’ve already seen this main spoiler 100 occasions.

We already noticed the three Spider-Men from No Way Home

If you’ve been following No Way Home spoilers carefully, you already know that we noticed Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man go well with a few occasions. One of the leaked photographs from late summer season confirmed Garfield and Maguire atop scaffolding in Spider-Man fits. Sony ended up confirming the blurry picture by submitting copyright claims in opposition to it.

We then noticed what is likely to be Maguire’s hand within the now-infamous Garfield video leak. Finally, we had that huge leak that preceded the No Way Home trailer 2 launch. All three actors carrying Spider-Man uniforms appeared in that one.

But these aren’t official confirmations from Sony or Marvel. The studios haven’t but formally confirmed that the 2 actors are within the film.

Moreover, Maguire has been lacking in motion recently. He didn’t have any new films to advertise, so he prevented all of the No Way Home questions that might have come up throughout press excursions. Garfield, however, wasn’t as fortunate. We noticed him attempt to deny his No Way Home function greater than as soon as whereas selling Netflix’s Tick Tick Boom. Needless to say, we by no means purchased these denials.

The stunning Tobey Maguire Spider-Man leak

Twitter consumer @dominic_kravitz was the primary particular person to publish the next video on-line.

We’re taking a look at formally licensed No Way Home merchandise through BarkBox. That’s a month-to-month subscription for canine merchandise, which not too long ago launched a No Way Home-themed field. Needless to say, this sort of promotion requires corporations to license supplies for promotion on their packaging.

That means Marvel and Sony’s personal promotional efforts are liable for this new leak.

It’s the within of the field that’s thrilling, because it options a picture of Spider-Man. The picture options black-and-white sections alternating with full-color ones. It’s in one of many black-and-white sections that we an uncommon Spider-Man determine. Or higher mentioned, the pinnacle of a masked Spider-Man.

Upon nearer inspection, you’ll notice that’s not Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, however Maguire’s.

As The Direct factors out, that picture comes from one of many Daily Bugle’s cowl photographs that confirmed Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man within the Sam Raimi films. It’s the very same picture.

The easiest clarification for the stunning No Way Home revelation is that it’s all a mistake. We noticed an enormous enhancing mistake in trailer 2 that confirmed Sony and Marvel deleted huge characters from the film’s ultimate battle scenes.

But what if it’s deliberate? That mesh of black and white photographs conveys the identical message as the remainder of the No Way Home advertising marketing campaign. This is a multiverse film, so we’ll get loads of references to these alternate universes. That consists of Maguire’s Spider-Man universe, after all.

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