[VIDEO] ‘Saved by the Bell’: Jessie and Slater Relationship in Revival

For Saved by the Bell‘s Jessie Spano, giving right into a “bad idea” is likely to be the factor that lastly makes her blissful in a manner her marriage to the unbearable Rene by no means did.

Midway by way of Season 2 of Peacock’s Saved by the Bell revival, Kelly suggests it’s kismet {that a} newly divorced Jessie and still-single Slater simply so occur to work collectively at Bayside almost 30 years after their highschool romance fizzled out. Jessie insists that she not thinks about Slater’s butt — err, about Slater that manner, however as destiny would have it, Season 2 culminates in a passionate kiss between the excitable steerage counselor and dimwitted gymnasium instructor, organising a possible romance in Season 3. (Their kiss, for all you OG Bell followers, is accompanied by the Zack Attack traditional “Did We Ever Stand a Chance.”)

For portrayers Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Mario Lopez, revisiting Jessie and Slater’s relationship as adults feels completely different. It’s surreal, for one factor, however there’s additionally a shared historical past off display that performs into their dynamic on display.

“We got our driver’s licenses together. We became famous together. Our dreams were coming true together, all while our parents were all there on set watching us, because we were under 18,” Lauren tells TVLine within the video Q&A above. “Mario and I, we always had just a close, like, best-friend dynamic — like, buddy-buddy, have each other’s backs always, and that’s always been the case all these years.”

Saved by the Bell

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Adds Lopez: “You’ve got to understand, we’ve known each other since we were 15. She’s like a sister to me, and we laugh all the time,” he says. “It’s almost like you’re looking at her, like, you’re doing a romantic scene with your sister…. It was funny to us, but it’s neat to revisit that storyline.”

In order to make Jessie and Slater’s present-day relationship plausible to the viewers, Slater needed to develop up a bit. The emotionally stunted lughead already reckoned along with his chauvinistic previous throughout Season 1. And in Season 2, he begins attending remedy to work by way of a few of his childhood trauma. During a very humorous scene in Episode 6, he talks by way of his relationships along with his father, Major Martin Slater; a mom, Lorraine, who was talked about throughout the unique collection however by no means appeared on display; a sister, J.B., who he solely noticed as soon as; and the lack of his pet chameleon, Artie.

“It’s great to play a guy who’s stunted in his emotional growth, and is flawed,” Lopez says. “Those are a lot of fun to play as an actor, and I’ve always enjoyed people that are kind of stuck in their era in real life. I find them fascinating… they don’t want to let go. I think Slater’s a little bit like that, and so the fact that he gets to flex those emotional muscles and starts to recognize some areas that he needs to work on is cool. If he had it all going on, there’s nothing interesting about that.”

As for whether or not present-day Slater and Jessie could make a relationship work, Lopez isn’t so certain.

“I mean, she just got out of a marriage,” he factors out. “I don’t want to look like a home-wrecker, or like a bounce-back relationship, right? Plus, if we hook up, then where is there to go? So I guess I’ll have to trust the writers, assuming we’re fortunate enough to get another season, but it was fun while we entertained it this season.”

Watch TVLine’s interview with Lauren and Lopez above. Afterwards, grade the finale — and Season 2 total — through the next polls, then drop a remark to debate all issues Saved by the Bell

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