Zoe Foster Blake shares her difficult pregnancies and continual ache journey

Mum of two and Go-To founder Zoe Foster Blake has spoken candidly about her confronting being pregnant journey.

Speaking to the Australian Birth Stories podcast, Zoe – whose husband is comic Hamish Blake – outlined the extent of her continual ache, sharing that she was unable to stroll with out crutches till six weeks post-partum.

Zoe and her husband Hamish Blake have two kids, Sonny, seven, and Rudy, 4.

“When I did fall pregnant I got desperately sick with morning sickness,” Zoe shared on the podcast in regards to the starting of her being pregnant with Sonny.

“I felt constantly hungover or as if I was on a ship.

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“I just felt like I wanted to sleep and die a little bit, and you’re expected to function as a normal human being because you can’t tell anyone yet.

“I think that’s a really secret phase and one I’m glad women talk about now because it sucks,” Zoe mentioned.

“I’d get shooting pain down my abductors. By about 25 weeks, it got to the point where I couldn’t walk. I was really bad. And by 32 weeks I was in chronic pain.

Zoe married Lego Master’s host Hamish Blake in 2012.
Zoe married Lego Master’s host Hamish Blake in 2012. Credit: Instagram / zoefosterblake

“I had increasing pain around my groin and lower back and a lot of people thought it was Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) but despite a few treatments and exercises, it was getting worse,” she revealed on the podcast.

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By 32 weeks I used to be in continual ache

“I had actually fractured my pubis, I was on crutches, I was puffy and swollen and generally having a really tough time.

“I presumed it would be fixed after birth but I was six weeks postpartum and still couldn’t walk.

Zoe posted this snap to Instagram following the birth of daughter Rudy.
Zoe posted this snap to Instagram following the birth of daughter Rudy. Credit: Instagram / zoefosterblake

After months of pain and misdiagnosis, Zoe was recommended to visit an osteopath who diagnosed her with Osteitis Pubis, an inflammation of the pubic bone.

“She fixed me,” Zoe mentioned.

“She offered me treatment and relief as well as support and long-term aid and along with a very strict pilates regime I managed to avoid the same issue in my second pregnancy.”

In addition to this ache, Zoe was recognized with gestational diabetes.

The prognosis was confronting but it surely really helped me re-establish wholesome consuming habits,” Zoe advised host Sophie Walker.

Zoe shared how figuring out what was wrong helped her avoid it the second time round - hoping other women will seek help if they’re experiencing pain.
Zoe shared how determining what was incorrect helped her keep away from it the second time spherical – hoping different girls will search assist in the event that they’re experiencing ache. Credit: Instagram / zoefosterblake

Zoe shared that after determining what was incorrect she managed to keep away from the identical points in her second being pregnant.

The mum-of-two additionally candidly spoke in regards to the wrestle of falling pregnant quickly after transferring to Melbourne, contemplating her family and friends have been all again in Sydney.

“I hadn’t really made any close friends in Melbourne, yet. It was a bit of a lonely time.”

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